Samira Arnaout

Qualifications Level 3 Personal Trainer – Life time qualified Muscle build and weight loss nutrition with Health Science academy Lifetime Weight management nutrition UKSCA Olympic weighlifting UKSCA effective programme planning YMCA Exercise to music instructor: Spin, Step, Body Conditioning , LBT,Aerobics, Water Aerobics Les Mills Instructor : Body Pump and RPM Circuit trainer Kettle bell Instructor Power Plate Instructor LSSM level 5 sport and Remedial massage Speciality Areas Weight training Weight Loss /Fat loss Muscle Tone Cardio Fitness Stress relief
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I have been in the health and fitness industry for 10 years.  With my knowledge I have gained, I want to take this opportunity not only being the best and learning from our fails that can be turned into a positives but also to re education and demonstrate that both exercise and healthy nutrition can be and should be important part of lives.  In I entered my first figure competition 2012 and won 1st place. Along with reaching my ambitions as a figure competitor one of my other goals include becoming a role model for other woman by demonstrating how both exercise and healthy nutrition should be an important part of our lives. 2015 brought a new set of competitions and challenges and took part of the 12 weeks intensive boxing training as preparation for my first UWCB amateur fight for charity. Taking on this challenge taught me a lot about commitment and the many challenges you  face when it comes to reaching your goals. It made more confident with my clients  that I, and my clients are able to pursue their goals , whatever they maybe . There are many benefits to muscular and cardio fitness, from – cardiovascular fitness and muscular endurance, which translates into an increase in energy; it can dramatically reduce the risk of coronary artery disease; it may also help lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and aid in weight control; and it appears to give self-esteem a measurable boost, and in general to improve your sense of well-being. Fitness and personal Training is all about taking you from where you are, to where you want to be.


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