Izabella Poole

Level 3 Personal Trainer Level 2 Gym Instructor Outdoor Fitness Instruction Award Circuit Instruction Award Level 3 Mat Pilates (currently studying) Indoor Cycle Instructor ICG Coach by Colour (Indoor Cycle) RAD Advanced Ballet RAD Classical Ballet, Grade 8 Modern Dance, Grade 8 Jazz, Gold Fully Insured
Get in Touch:

I started my career in fitness from a competitive dance background, where I would always train in

groups and compete as part of a team. For that reason I I thrive off the energy of a group class,

encouraging camaraderie between members, having fun while pushing you to the limit and

facilitating you to see what you are truly capable of!

Personal training allows me to analyse clients movement and posture in detail, so I am able to help

you to reduce any daily discomforts (if required) and increase your exercise performance and daily

living through learning what motivates you as an individual, as well as supporting and educating

you about exercise and nutrition.

When I’m not training others, group exercise is my personal favourite form of exercise – you will

find me at a dance class, boxing or training circuits outside with my friends I drag along! I am also

currently studying Pilates, so engrossing myself in as many classes as I can.

I know the first steps of a fitness journey can be physically uncomfortable and mentally tough, but

seeing clients change in mindset, when exercise no longer becomes a chore but a part of their life

that they look forward to because they know how physically and mentally good it makes them feel –

is the best part of my job. The feeling of achievement and the endorphins rush after a sweaty

workout or mastering a new exercise, is just incredible!

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