Personal Training

Our certified trainers guide you through specialized programs. They motivate you and make sure that you adhere to your fitness goals. Bootcamp SE16 have some of the most passionate and professional trainers in London.

Personalised training programmes

Start Personal Training today and receive a tailor made personalised program to suit your needs and your goals. Work with our highly experienced trainers and get the best results. We keep you in constant check with our programs using a sophisticated app, so that we can maximise your results!

Your personal training program will adhere to your fitness goals and physical needs. Our trainers have great attention to detail and expert knowledge on how to get the best out of a program and their client.

Pro Impact Fitness will provide a Free 30 minute consultation and physical assessment, which is an important part of the planning process for a personalised program. Within this consultation we will try to get as much information out of you to help create the best bespoke program. Our assessments allow us to be thorough and program accordingly.

Our trainers are mobile and can come to you, we can train you in a local outdoor space, your apartment or a residential gym if you’re home to one. Book your consultation today and start your new fitness journey!


Our Services

Pre and Post natal training

Our trainers specialize in this population, with their extensive knowledge and experience they can take you through a safe fitness journey during pregnancy and help you through the extensive process of recovery after birth.

Weight loss

With a fantastic nutritionist on board we can go as far as creating personalised food programs to help you achieve the maximum results through your combined fitness program.

Event prep

Marathons, triathlons, mudder training and endurance based events – our trainers specialise in endurance and event training, no matter what your event we can help you hit a new PB or if it is your first event help you get through the first one.

Injury rehab

Getting injured is a part of life, it should not stop you from achieving fitness goals; our trainers can guide you through a safe and effective recovery post injury to get you where you want to be.

General Fitness and Well Being

For some, fitness is a part of life that comes naturally, for others it needs to be worked on.  No matter your mind set or status when it comes to fitness, we can help you make training become a regular enjoyable part of your week.  Our trainers are inspiring and motivating and can lead along the right path through your fitness journey!


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