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    Bootcamp is brilliant I lost 6kg in 6 weeks! I started as a total newbie in January and I’ve just finished Steph’s Accountability Programme, doing 30 sessions in 60 days. I have got my confidence with exercise back and I actually look forward to working out! The word Bootcamp made me think it might be scary, shouty, or intimidating but it’s the opposite. The trainers are all great and people are so friendly and welcoming. It has seriously exceeded my expectations and I can’t praise it enough!

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    Herman S,

    Member of the camp since May 2014. Amazing changes in my body, strength, and mind and to 'boot' (sorry on the pun) my confidence has reached the roof. Steph is an excellent trainer and modivator bringing the reality of hardcard exercise and finding your inner determination together. And the challenge continues….

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    Emma J,

    Bootcamp SE16 has made keeping fit enjoyable and completely changed my attitude towards exercise. Stephanie is a fantastic trainer and the other Bootcampers are supportive and encouraging. I quit my gym membership soon after joining Bootcamp, now I'm fitter and stronger than I've ever been and I've never looked back! Highly recommended.

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    Marika J,

    Every session is different - you get an all over body workout and have great fun doing it. Steph is just fantastic, and puts her heart & soul into bootcamp, which really shows in the sessions. As well as the physical, it's great socially. The people are amazing, training together is brilliant, as are the numerous social events we organise! Try it, you seriously won't regret it (but your body may hurt a bit afterwards!

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