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    Amazing changes in my body, strength, and mind

    Herman S,

    Member of the camp since May 2014. Amazing changes in my body, strength, and mind and to 'boot' (sorry on the pun) my confidence has reached the roof. Steph is an excellent trainer and modivator bringing the reality of hardcard exercise and finding your inner determination together. And the challenge continues….

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    I cannot wait to go each time because it makes me incredibly happy!

    Gao Y,

    Tried a taster on Saturday games session, and I am absolutely HOOKED ever since! Originally, my intention was just to manage/maintain body weight. But since joining 3 months ago, I feel the benefits gained are so much more than that. I cannot wait to go each time because it makes me incredibly happy! The people are so friendly, and welcoming I did not feel intimidated. The brilliant trainers provide such a good variety of workout, keep it entertaining for every single session. It is outdoor which makes it so much more pleasant than a window-less gym. Give this a try, you won't regret it!

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    There are easier options for all the exercises, but pretty soon, I find myself pushing harder and for longer

    Nayab K,

    These sessions have transformed me from a pot-bellied 40 something to a youthful, bouncy and vibrant human being. The sessions are always different, lively and the attendees are good fun to work with. I have been a customer since August last year and I feel amazing. This is suitable for all levels of fitness, including chain smokers like me so there is NO excuse. There are easier options for all the exercises, but pretty soon, I find myself pushing harder and for longer. Steph is inspirational! Thank you.

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    It is such a positive, fun and supportive group with a diverse range of ages and fitness levels

    Helen B,

    Bootcamp SE16 is, in one word, AMAZING! I joined 4 years ago and I love it. Steph is a fantastic trainer and no two sessions are the same. I was really nervous when I went to my first session as I had never done a bootcamp before but Steph and the Bootcamp SE16 members are all so friendly they put me at ease and I haven't looked back since. I have made some great friends and have got much fitter in the process. So, if you want to get fit, have fun and meet some great people, come and join us! What are you waiting for?

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    Triathlon Training


    I had been attending the SE16 bootcamp for a few years, when work allowed and knew Steph well. I enjoyed her sessions, the mix of activities and exercises as well as being in a group environment. However, I had personal challenges line up and knew I needed to start focusing on my own training as well as group sessions, so I asked Steph to take me on as a PT client.

    Steph broke down my training and did copious amounts of research behind what I needed to do and then presented me with a finished article training plan. There was speed work, distance building, mobility and strength, which can often be forgotten by many runners in their training.

    It was all going well for a month and then pains in both shins struck to a point where walking caused pain. After visits to the Doctors and A&E it was decided that shin splints was the most likely cause and running was off the cards. An annoying diagnosis as it doesn’t really tell you much and I’ve been running for a few years now and hadn’t ever previously experienced them. That was the marathon out the window with just a few months left, so attention turned to rehabilitation and the triathlons.

    Steph introduced me to training with a CMT, within 4 weeks of using the CMT in PT sessions as part of mobility drills and attending low impact bootcamp sessions I was feeling better. Although technically still on a running ban I decided to run Richmond half marathon in March. I completed it in 2:06 I was only 4mins slower than my PB and it felt surprisingly good after no running for over a month. More importantly, the shins gave me no trouble.

    Steph rolled her eyes at me the next day, congratulated me and then we got stuck into training. I gradually started mixing my commute with cycles, runs and walks – at just 5km my commute is perfect for a touch of morning exercise. Within another 5 weeks was at the Hackney half marathon and finally smashed the 2hr barrier.

    Flexibility and increased mobility in my hips was a huge factor in this and Steph tailoring the sessions to concentrate on my areas of weakness allowed me to not only recover from injury, but also progress.

    Next in the calendar were the triathlons. I am a confident cyclist, a slow but seasoned runner, on the other hand swimming I am scared of. An previous experience has led to over a decade of me avoiding water related activities. Steph encouraged me to get open water swimming lessons and experience. This was an excellent piece of advice and immediately gave me confidence when I realised in a wetsuit it’s almost impossible to drown!

    Sport has always played a large part in my life, I was always fast, fit and strong. In these last few years, though, I have taken on running and swimming where I am decidedly average. I’m not use to being average, or worse, below average. Steph also took the time to talk through with me my anxieties and concerns. This has really helped me, it’s not all about the body, the mind needs training to!

    Steph has helped me stay driven and kept me engaged with training and seeing improvement. June came around and Blenheim Triathlon was prominent in my diary. I turned up, I didn’t drown, I made up lost time on the bike and I smiled as I crossed the finish line. What next, 7 weeks to double all the distances!

    Steph quickly debriefed me on the Monday as I turned up to bootcamp, reviewed the training programme for the next 7 weeks and got the first two PT sessions booked into our diaries. Not only has Steph physically had an impact on me that I have seen tangible results for, but she’s also kept me smiling, kept me motivated and will see me through the Olympic distance triathlon.

    What has made training so enjoyable is how I feel Steph is constantly engaged with my progress. Steph has seen how strong I can be, but appreciates I am now focusing on things that need improvement. She motivates me to keep trying, improving and breaking down barriers.

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    Since Joining in March 2019 I’ve lost 14 KG!

    K. Sharp ,
    I  joined Bootcamp SE16 in March 2019 and am loving it (even in the rain!). The classes are all different and the trainers are really motivating. It is also a really lovely group of people at all different levels of fitness. I honestly did not think I would laugh this much as well. Highly recommended. So far I've lost 14kg, my energy is through the roof and I've created some awesome daily habits that have massively benefitted my lifestyle!
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    I can honestly say that this is the first exercise class I have actually enjoyed and looked forward to!

    Cathy Jenkins ,

    I can honestly say that Bootcamp SE16 is the first exercise class I have actually enjoyed and looked forward to! Steph is a great trainer and makes each session different but at the same time manages to cater for all levels of fitness. The other Bootcampers are all really friendly, so the sessions are really fun. I'd recommend Bootcamp SE16 to anyone.

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    I definitely recommend bootcamp SE16’s fantastic trainers

    Mark Byford,

    I definitely recommend bootcamp SE16's fantastic trainers, great classes of different variety and smashing company with all the fellow boot campers that go. Every one is of different standard of fitness but all are achieving goals and personal targets with great support from the trainers. Everyone helps one another and there is always plenty of encouragement from the trainers. On a personal note I would like to thank Steph and her team for all their wonderful support whist getting over a serious illness.

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    Oh how much fun I have had training with Bootcamp SE16


    Oh how much fun I have had training with Bootcamp SE16. The trainers are amazing and the people really supportive and fun. If you are in search of a fun and social way to train you should join us now. Trust me, it is worth it.

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    Bootcamp is brilliant I lost 6kg in 6 weeks!


    Bootcamp is brilliant I lost 6kg in 6 weeks! I started as a total newbie in January and I’ve just finished Steph’s Accountability Programme, doing 30 sessions in 60 days. I have got my confidence with exercise back and I actually look forward to working out! The word Bootcamp made me think it might be scary, shouty, or intimidating but it’s the opposite. The trainers are all great and people are so friendly and welcoming. It has seriously exceeded my expectations and I can’t praise it enough!

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    The level of motivation you get is second to none

    Santino P,

    As someone who has been to a fair share of fitness classes, this is the best I've been to! Stephanie makes fitness fun, and more importantly you work as a team and community. The level of motivation you get is second to none. Think you hate working out?... Think again. Highly recommended!

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    I quit my gym membership soon after joining Bootcamp, now I’m fitter and stronger than I’ve ever been

    Emma J,

    Bootcamp SE16 has made keeping fit enjoyable and completely changed my attitude towards exercise. Stephanie is a fantastic trainer and the other Bootcampers are supportive and encouraging. I quit my gym membership soon after joining Bootcamp, now I'm fitter and stronger than I've ever been and I've never looked back! Highly recommended.

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    One of the best things I have ever done and will continue to do.

    Marika J,

    Every session is different - you get an all over body workout and have great fun doing it. Steph is just fantastic, and puts her heart & soul into bootcamp, which really shows in the sessions. As well as the physical, it's great socially. The people are amazing, training together is brilliant, as are the numerous social events we organise! Try it, you seriously won't regret it (but your body may hurt a bit afterwards!

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    I started the Yummy Mummy Bootcamp first which was great

    Natasha W,

    I have been attending bootcamp for 8 weeks doing about 3/4 classes a week and the results i have seen so far are astonishing. i started the Yummy Mummy Bootcamp first which was great as gym time and childcare is a worry for most moms in the beginning, then I started to attend the regular classes as well and took my baby along in his pram. Each instructor was good about making modifications for me as well a keeping an eye on my little one while I was busy trying to keep up. Since starting bootcamp I have lost in total 13.2 inches and have gained so much muscle. The fact that the classes are held out doors work great for a new mom like me who requires a lot of flexibility and the group support among the other people that attend is great and supportive. I was pretty fit pre pregnancy and now post pregnancy having the flexibility of bootcamp with trainers that work you out like a personal trainer I am 10 percent away from my goal and look great!!!!! I have recently terminated my gym membership as the cost of unlimited seasons at bootcamp per month is half of what i was paying monthly at the gym saves cash as well. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is looking for a great work out by a great trainer for a great price.

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    I couldn’t imagine not having Bootcamp in my life

    Paul M,

    Being someone that would always choose beer and pizza over exercise any day, I never thought I would join a bootcamp. But one day my other half found a flyer about Bootcamp SE16 and decided to give it a go (he on the other hand did enjoy exercise), and came home absolutely raving about it and how great it was. I of course knew this couldn't be true because it was doing exercise outside in a park, how could it be fun?! Eventually after about two months of hearing about it non-stop I gave in and went to give it a try, mainly just to get some peace! Now it's three months later and I couldn't imagine not having Bootcamp in my life. I honestly never thought I would actually enjoy working out, but Steph and the rest of the group she whips into shape every week are some of the nicest people I've met, and they make you just keep wanting to go back! It sounds cheesy and I would have laughed it off a few months ago if people said to me that I would enjoy doing a bootcamp, but I absolutely do!! I feel healthier, happier and have a whole load of new friends in the process! If you are thinking about it even a little, I highly recommend giving it a go!!

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    Bootcamp has given me a whole new way to stay fit and motivated.

    Hanlie S,

    Once you've joined, you'd want to come back for more! Stephanie surprises us with new and creative ways to exercise every day and you can be sure to get an all-round workout. Steph has an amazing talent to build relationships and get to know every single participant in the group. She can cater for everyone's specific needs in their workout - even for mothers with small babies! So no one has an excuse not to come. What makes Bootcamp SE16 different than any other? The community: Becoming a regular bootcamper is to become part of a fitness family where you will make loads of new friends and feel motivated to keep coming back for more.

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    Fantastic and diverse set of exercises

    Pete W,

    Less 'shouty' and more 'rousing'. Highly recommended.

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