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Elly Ann can get your personal food goals on track and create shopping list’s with ease as well as setting the head space to prepare for nourishment all day every day.


How does it work?

Elly Ann can create a personalised plan to fuel & nourish your body based on your individual needs. She understands simplicity is the key and will apply this to assist you in meeting the demands of a busy lifestyle with convenient and quick meals. No matter where you are or what your day entails, Elly Ann will work out a protocol that fits your lifestyle, with follow up support until you sustain looking and feeling good all year round!

Main Menu

£95– £120 Initial consultation

1.-1.5 hour  in clinic or skype consultation; entailing an interactive consultation with Elly to discuss your health concern and goals. Elly will take a detailed questioning approach to understanding your current health & history including any medications, supplements followed by a complete health review of the following systems; Gastrointestinal, Nervous, Endocrine, Reproductive, Immune, Respiratory, and Cardiovascular system. Elly will apply a holistic approach to better support you and understand your unique individuality, to tailor a nutritional and lifestyle protocol in line with your goals.

£75- £95 Revisit Consultations

45 minute – 1 hour  in clinic or skype follow up consultation to update your protocol with any new aims or health concerns.

Ready to get started on your nutritional health?

Side orders

£65 -149 Meal & Recipe Plans

For complete head space, Elly Ann can put together a 4-6 week meal plan to include all the macro and micro nutrients you need with each meal on training & rest days. She will personalise your meals to meet your goals

£65 The Vege & Vegan Transition

Elly Ann can ensure you transition to a plant based diet with confidence and ease of obtaining all the protein your body requires, along with your healthy fats and rich use of complex carbohydrates, to sustain fitness and health. You will also receive the recipe staples and ingredients, for a sustainable transition.

£295 Recipe for Positive Life Change 

Get in touch for a free 15 minute consultation assessment – this package includes consultations, ongoing follow ups and support throughout (lifestyle, nutritional protocols, meal / detox plans incl).

If you’re ready to take a step towards a healthy change and letting go of negative habits or behaviours, Elly Ann can layout the steps that can be applied to your specific needs, personalise your formula for transition, rewire your perceptions & throw away limiting beliefs that hold you back.

Exclusive to Bootcamp members only

The 99 Lean & Fit Package

  1. 45 minute Initial consultation
  2. 6 – week nutrition and lifestyle protocol
  3. 1x 20 minute Follow-up
  4. Weekly Fat loss Assessments( first 4 weeks)
  5. Meal Preparation and planning support
  6. 5 x main meal and snacks personalised to your dietary requirements and nutritional needs assessed, including macro and micro breakdown.
  7. Email support throughout

More info included in your package services:

Diet assessment

Before getting started you will receive a 3 day diary template to complete and send to for evaluation and assessment of your nutritional needs; more details on your relationship with food will be uncovered in the initial consultation.

Fat loss assessment

If your goal is to loose fat and build lean muscle, Elly will track your weight and measurement progress weekly until your next FUP

Meal prep and planning

Elly Ann can get your personal food stables solid and create shopping list’s with ease as well as setting the head space to prepare for nourishment all day every day.

Ready to get started on your nutritional health?

About Elly Ann

It all started at 14 when I migrated to Australia with my parents, a boyfriend decided to pinch my belly and comment with “aww how cute “… being quite vein, it was enough to get me dancing around my bedroom mirror & subscribe to health magazines, where I started to notice results.

After secondary school I jumped into a career working in target driven pressured environments, stressing my adrenals most of the day followed by an active social life that encouraged regular binge drinking and partying. All were contributing to anxious feelings, energy drops and bouts of depression However, despite unhealthy habits, I had an element of good living and eating well with the desire to self-develop, which later on encouraged me to take an opportunity to work in a health club within in the sales department.

I was surrounded by health enthusiasts that inspired a step up towards increasing my fitness levels & In the attempt to better understand and overcome negative feelings, I begun the journey of self-help, reading books relating to the mind, body, emotions & trying natural remedies for calm and relaxation.

In my late twenties I made further change towards a lifestyle in line with my passions, where I completed an NVQ in fitness including an introduction to nutrition, applying knowledge and training to achieve lean muscle. I developed inner confidence and went on to peruse passions in various types of dance, and started my own circuit class. I developed leaner muscle, strength, stamina with improved flexibility conquering the splits at 31!

Overall, I understand the value of nutrition to get what you want on the outside, the importance of adopting healthier lifestyle choices and dealing positively with stress & emotions, which is why I chose to further my knowledge at the CNM College in London that provides a holistic approach to Nutritional Therapy.

Having observed over 200 clinical case hours, consulting my own clients, and lots of life experience, I understand the unique individuality in supporting a person’s health, I will advise & support you to nourish your body freely inline with your desired goals in a way to sustain looking & feeling great all year round.

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