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Q: What should I bring with me to a session?

A: Water bottle, gloves are optional (any will do), sunscreen and bug spray in the summer months, layers in the winter months.

Q: How many sessions can I sign up for?

A: Multiple price plans are all available, get in touch and we can go over these with you over the phone.

Q: I want to know more about a particular session, whom should I contact?

A: info@bootcampse16.co.uk or +44 (0)7803 721 620

Q: Do you offer personal 1-1 training?

A: Yes we do, either enter your details into our enquiry form or call us to book a consultation

Q: How many people attend each session?

A: Depending on the day and time we have anything from 8 to 20 people in a session

Q: Do you cater for members of all fitness levels?

A: Yes we most certainly do, from complete beginner all the way to semi pro

Q: I’m not particularly fit; can I still join Bootcamp SE16?

A: Yes you can, we have many easier options at Bootcamp SE16 and have system that supports all levels

Q: Do I have to register to book a session and why?

A: Registration is a must prior to attending your first session as there is a medical questionnaire and consent form to fill in. Booking is also important to ensure your spot is secured.

Q: Where do you meet?

A: We meet at the steps of Stave Hill for every session and go on from there to collect equipment.  We may sometimes be training in the park around the corner from Stave Hill so do get there on time!

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